Sunday, February 24, 2008


Daddy T and I broke it off. It was and unhappy ending and I was actually pretty heart broken about it. He sincerely wants to stay friends, but that's always so awkward for me; especially considering how much I still want to be able to fuck him. But moving forward: trying to take care of myself, and focus on some other things in life right now that need to be resolved.

Mr. Squirts is in the hospital, so I've really only been hooking up with Mr. Bricks. But had a club date with a cute girl on Saturday, and going out again on Wednesday.

Went to an all night party at a friend's house last night, and ended up in one of the spare bedrooms with a male friend of mine. He's cute and funny, and we had great conversation all night long. Lying in bed, making out, he's treating me right - pinning me down, choking me, playing with my tits just right, fingering me until I got off. And then he puts my hand down his pants... and he's small. With the largest balls I've ever experienced. It was like two fists side by side. Craziness.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Busy Week

I've been fisted and fucked so rough in the last four days that my cunt is raw and seriously torn up. Hurts to sit. So swollen.

Mr. Bricks is very long and he often hurts me after a long session. I've bled the next day and swear that once or twice he's popped my cervix. On Wednesday, we did 69 with him on top (my favorite way) so he could fuck my mouth; I stretched my head back and was able to open my throat enough to take all of him. He started crying out with joy. It was the best!

Mr. Squirts is my BF in the open marriage, and he almost always makes me squirt... saw him on Thursday. Him and the wife and the kid are staying with his parents right now; his parents and his daughter were asleep upstairs and we fucked for hours in the den. It was like being a kid again, sneaking around! I fell asleep and he woke me up fisting me, saying "shh... just relax... just relax..." Also, I'd helped them run errands that day, so he gave me a full body massage... mmm...

Daddy T tore my pussy apart with more fisting and rough sex on Friday. Clothespins on my nipples, tits, and outer labia. There was also lots of fun Daddy/daughter role play and dirty talk. We finished in the shower with him sitting on the tiled seat and me standing over him, pissing all over his face and torso and lap. Then lots of rough oral with his fingers in my hair bobbing my head up and down. I went to a party and he went to play poker, and I came home at 3:30AM to him sitting on my porch waiting for me. We went inside and passed out, and I woke up an hour or so later to him licking my asshole fervently with my dirty panties wrapped around his dick, jacking himself off. I woke him up this morning riding him, even though it hurt so bad; then got myself off with my vibe while he choked me and talked nasty.

That's not even the half of it.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Had a crazy night with Daddy T last Sunday. We were drinking a lot and I got a little too fucked up, so laid down to nap around 2AM. Woke up because he was fucking my cunt with a thick, coiled bundle of braided nylon rope, slightly smaller than his fist. We fooled around, our usual fun nasty talk, kissing, slapping around.

He tied my hands behind my back with the rope - which I haven't let anyone do to me in YEARS (trust issues). He put me on my back and ate me out. As I was grinding on his face it was pulling hard on my shoulder blades and smooshing my hands painfully. He flipped me over on my stomach, hands still tied behind my back, and fucked my ass hard.

I managed to squirm out of the loosened ropes and then went down on him. Earlier in the night, he'd admitted that one of his fantasies is forced oral so hard the girl throws up on him. My stomach was full of Vodka 'n Sprites, so I knew it wouldn't be messy and so went for it. He moaned, thinking I was being just drooly and spitty, and then the smell hit him and he realized what it was... I asked if he was okay with it, he enthusiastically said "YES" and so I came up on his cock and lap four or five more times. Sometimes he was forcing me down and sometimes I was. It was so cool to feel his cock head pop past my tonsils and way down into my throat. Made a mess of him, the sheets, my hair. So we went into the shower.

In the shower, I had to piss so he sat down on this little tiled seat we have in there and I stood next to him, putting my left foot up on the edge of the tub, and pissed all over his chest and lap while he finger banged me. One of our faves, and we've done that several times.

He stood up and pushed me down onto my knees under the spray of the shower head and gave me really rough oral under the water... it was going down my throat and nose, and totally drowning me around his cock. Kept having to spit up water and blow it out my nose, all while he's still fucking my face. He pulled out and came in my wet hair. Then showered me off, like a sweet daddy.

It was so much stuff that I wouldn't normally let someone to do me in such a short period of time, than I got a little freaked out. We changed the sheets and flipped the mattress, and then laid in bed twitching under the Xmas lights, not letting him hold me; he was just lying near me rubbing my ass with his fingers.

It totally mind fucked me.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Eat the Young

The pros and cons of 21 year-old guys....

Pro: they get hard and stay hard

Con: they can have a lot of hang-ups

Pro: holy fuck, that shit stays hard as hell

Con: inexperience

Pro: they can cum without even losing that erection and just go again right away... and again... and again...

Con: they think they're complimenting me by saying how hot it is for them to be with an "older woman"

Pro: did I mention the ALL NIGHT ERECTION?


Friday, January 25, 2008

How to score in a fetish club

Funny story...

Two weeks ago, I was at a fetish club night with my carriage whip (pics are in my main photo thing, in the top hat). The line was too long in the ladies room, so I go in the men's room - what I always do when it's too crowded. I'm pissing in the stall and my (male) BFF knocks to come in, so I let him; when I'm finished, I whip him on the ass a couple times before leaving so he can pee.

I walk out of the stall and there's a line of guys, looking at me. I say, "I just had to whip his ass a little while he was pissing."

Ten minutes later, I'm at the bar, and this kid comes up to me. 6'7" and young and cute. Starts talking to me. I put my hand on my ass - I always put my hands on someone's ass when I'm talk to them in the clubs, but when drunk forget that strangers don't know that and probably think I'm coming on to them. He leans over and kisses me. Kisses GOOD. Follows me around all night, like a puppy. Dances with me. Asks to come home with me. So I take him home. He spanked me really good, and tried choking at my request but wasn't too into it.

The next morning, he says that he was standing in line when I walked out of that men's room stall, and as soon as he was done in the john he came looking for me right away. And that's why he wanted me.

Didn't have the heart to tell him I wasn't actually whipping my friend while he was pissing.

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